Happy Easter!

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By Carmen L. Caltagirone

March 8, 2018

“NEWNESS” (An Easter Prayer Reflection)

The joy of Easter wells up inside of us ready to erupt into a world in need of new life.

God of Life, the signs of Easter are real: water flowing freely, fire burning brightly, water, light, and life.

May we dance and sing for joy, rising out of the rubble of all that keeps us in darkness. Transform us, O God of mercy!

Pierce the darkness in our souls with your light.  Turn our sorrow into joy and our grief into dancing.  Clean up all the messes of our lives.

God of all that is new, form and re-form our lives this Easter.  Open our hearts to all that is new, so that we can experience fully your power to renew our lives.

Let your Easter joy surround us, enfold us and make us new.  Amen.

 -Carmen  L. Caltagirone

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