A Prayer for Mothers & Caregivers

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By (CHA) Catholic Health Association

April 10, 2018

A Prayer for Mothers & Caregivers

Giver of life, and light,

Healer of all souls,

Let my cup overflow

with your grace, so that I

may bring solace to each

soul entrusted to my care.


Let my eyes see your face

in each person I meet. Let

my ears listen with attention

to the stories of anguish, joy,

loneliness, fear, or pain. Let

your empathy overcome me.


Let my hands be your hands,

your consoling hands of peace.

Let my feet be anointed to walk

with integrity and authenticity.


Divine, healing Caregiver,

let gratitude dance in me

as I carry your Word

of love and hope to each

person in this broken, beautiful world.


- Adapted from “Prayer for the Caregiver” by: Becky Evans, National Association of Catholic Chaplains, Catholic Health Association

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