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Digital Mammograms

Digital Mammograms

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Adults in the Tuscarawas County, Ohio region choose Trinity Health System Twin City Medical Center for their breast cancer mammography screenings. Detecting and diagnosing breast cancer is a team effort. One that involves your doctors or medical providers, the hospital and you.


Self-exam and awareness for women AND men are extremely important, no matter your age. Early detection provides the best possible head-start in defeating breast cancer. Paying close attention to your body now is the key to a long, healthy life.

Why Mammography Screenings are Important

Cancer survival rates are steadily increasing due to more effective treatment procedures and most importantly, early detection. Trinity Health System Twin City Medical Center offers the advanced mammography screening and diagnostic mammograms. We are able to detect cancer as small as a grain of salt – a huge improvement over the pea-sized lump that is often found during self-exams. Click here for more information about why mammograms are recommended.

When Should You Get a Mammogram?

Breast cancer can and does occur in both women and men. If you’re 40 or older (or at a younger age if you have a family history of breast cancer), it’s important to get a screening mammogram every year. The process takes less than 15 minutes and those few precious moments could save your life.

If you have felt a lump during a self-exam or notice any strange changes in the appearance of your breasts, talk to your doctor or medical provider about scheduling a mammogram as soon as possible and let him or her know that you want to choose the mammography services here at Trinity Health System Twin City Medical Center. A physician or medical provider referral is needed to receive a mammogram. To schedule your appointment, call (740) 922-7405. We can usually schedule your appointment within a week.

Preparing for a Mammogram

  • Scheduling. Mammography EducationThe best time for a mammogram in most women is 6 to 10 days after you start your period. This provides for the most comfortable experience, as your breasts are less tender at this time.
  • Medications. If you have extremely tender breasts, consult your doctor or medical provider about taking pain medications prior to your mammogram.
  • Caffeine. Reducing caffeine intake 2 days prior to your mammogram can help you relax, which reduces the tenderness of your breasts.
  • Deodorant. Please do not use deodorant prior to your mammogram, as this can lead to inaccurate readings during your exam.


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