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Spiritual Care

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Inspired by the healing mission of Jesus, the Trinity Health Center Twin City Medical Center staff is committed to providing compassionate care for the whole person by addressing the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each patient.

Rev. Dr. Thomas C. Barnett serves as the Minister of Spiritual Care. However, if a patient would like to have his/her own minister/priest know about their hospital stay, every effort will be made to contact that person.

The St. Clare Chapel with the reserved Blessed Sacrament is located at the heart of the hospital on the first floor left of the elevators and before the patient rooms.

The Catholic Mass is offered once a month (day and time are announced in advance). All are welcome to join in this great prayer of Thanksgiving. Holy Communion is offered to those patients who are Catholic.



The Saint Clare Chapel

Visitors and patients of ALL faiths are welcome to utilize the space for prayer and/or quiet reflection. The Catholic Chapel showcases all the proper liturgical furnishings, including the presence of the Eucharist.


The chapel also features a signature prayer bowl where visitors can write their prayer concerns on special paper, put the paper in the bowl and watch the paper fade away as a symbol of prayers being lifted to God.


Conveniently located near the inpatient hospital rooms on the first floor.
All are welcome to visit the chapel at any time for prayer and/or reflection. 
Please reverence the Blessed Sacrament and observe silence in the chapel.

May all those persons who come to Trinity Health System experience the healing presence and compassionate care of Jesus through the loving hands and hearts of all our employees.