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Wound Management Center

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There are times when our bodies don’t respond as well as we would expect to traditional wound treatment methods. In cases like this, patients often require advance wound management to enhance and shorten the healing process. For years, Dennison residents had to drive a distance to receive such specialized care. Thanks to Trinity Health System’s Center for Wound Management, relief is only a few short minutes away.

Heal Sooner
It’s time to say “goodbye” to wounds and “hello” to a healthy body. Although most wounds can be healed with traditional treatments, this can sometimes take several months. With specialized procedures we’re now able to offer, we can help to shorten your healing process. Our goal is to help you find relief and healing in just twelve weeks or less.

Who Can Benefit from Wound Management?
Many adults need advanced care in order to recover from their wounds. If you are not responding to traditional treatments, the Center for Wound Management can help you find relief.

Types of Wounds
Our high-level treatments allow us to heal a wide variety of wounds, such as:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Bed sores
  • Abdominal wounds
  • And many other open wounds

What to Expect
The Center for Wound Management is led by Medical Directors Dr. Kristen Henry, DPM , Jennifer Thomas, CNP, CWS, and Clinical Director Ruthann Belknap, RN. Typically, wound management patients receive advanced treatments once a week; however, your actual schedule is personalized to your specific needs.

Insurance Coverage
Wound care services are covered by most insurance providers, so check with your provider to ensure you’re covered. Services are also covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

For More Information or to Schedule an Appointment
Wound care services are available by appointment on weekdays at the Trinity Health System Twin City Medical Center Specialty Clinic, located on the first floor of the hospital at 819 North First Street, Dennison. For more information about Wound Management or to schedule an appointment, call (740)922-7466.