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Pre-hab Therapy Services Reduce Post-Surgery Recovery Time

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Pre-hab therapy servicesPre-hab therapy services before surgery offer the best chance possible of experiencing a quicker recovery after having an orthopedic surgery!

Consider pre-hab therapy if these questions are keeping you from sleeping at night:

  • Are you facing an upcoming surgery and already have less muscle strength and range of motion than before?
  • Are you worried about stiff joints and restricted range of motion after surgery?
  • Do you fear that a long recovery time will interfere with future plans?
  • Do you wonder about quality of life after surgery?

Strength First, Surgery Second
Pre-hab reduces the chances of having to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation process after surgery. Instead of spending a lot of time rehabilitating muscles and increasing joint flexibility after surgery, strengthening muscles and joints prior to surgery often decreases recovery time and pain and lessons the amount of rehabilitative therapy you’ll need after surgery.

Pre-hab therapy services are particularly useful if your muscles and joints are already problematic, or if you have a weak:

  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Rotator cuff
  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • ACL
  • Knee

Get Individual Attention
When you put your trust in the hands of a therapy professional, you want to know that your individual needs are going to be met. At the Trinity Health System Twin City Medical Center Transition Program, you’ll receive individualized attention and a personalized plan for pre-hab based on a comprehensive consultation with one of our friendly and highly-trained therapists.

Whether your goal is to decrease rehabilitation time required after surgery, get more flexible or quickly gain momentum post-surgery with post-operative training equipment, your personalized pre-hab plan will put you on the right path.

We can also set you up with an individualized exercise program that you can use long after surgery and recovery, which will help you maintain the strength and flexibility you gain during pre-hab and rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy Preps You for the Road Ahead
After surgery, you may need to use a cane or walker to get around your home or to doctor’s appointments andphysical therapy sessions. The therapists at the Trinity Transition Program will teach you the skills necessary for post-surgery, so you can focus on recovery—without having to worry about learning a new skill. You’ll get familiar with recovery tools like canes, walkers, surgical slings and more so that using them is second nature.

Pre-hab therapy services increase muscle strength and joint flexibility, giving you a leg up on recovery time. After surgery, your muscles and joints are not only recovering from the stress of the actual surgery, but long periods of rest can decrease joint flexibility and muscles mass. Getting ahead of the rehabilitation game puts you in a position of strength, so you can recovery faster, with less pain.

In Between Home and the Hospital
After some surgeries, doctors may recommend swingbed care, which serves patients in between the hospital and home.

If you’ve had a knee or hip replacement surgery or rotator cuff repaired, you may require “swing” care.

Swingbed care walks this fine line, providing care if you aren’t quite ready to head home, and care for yourself, when you don’t qualify for higher-level hospital care. The Trinity Transition Program features a swing bed program that facilitates this care, as well as simultaneous rehabilitation, to get you home and back to your daily routine as soon as possible after surgery.

Location and Scheduling Information
Our Trinity Transition pre-hab program is located in the Outpatient Services Building (on the hospital campus) at 6408 McKee Road, Dennison. To schedule an appointment and/or to see if you qualify for pre-hab treatment through the Trinity Transition Program, call (740) 922-6675.