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The Good News Newsletter

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A Trinity Hospital Twin City Bi-Annual Community Publication

We at Trinity Hospital Twin City’s Marketing & Community Outreach Department are pleased to bring this community newsletter and report to you as part of our commitment to keep you informed of activities at your local hospital. We welcome your comments at tpoland@trinitytwincity.org.

Volume Seven • Issue Two 
February 2019  
Volume Seven • Issue One 
July 2018  
Volume Six • Issue Two 
January 2018  
Volume Six • Issue One 
August 2017 

Volume Five • Issue Two 
December 2016

Volume Five • Issue One 
July 2016

Volume Four • Issue Two
December 2015

Volume Four • Issue One
July 2015

Volume Three • Issue Two
December 2014

Volume Three • Issue One
June 2014

Volume Two • Issue Two
December 2013 

Cover Page Image of Hospital Newsletter Volume Two • Issue One
June 2013
Volume One • Issue Two
December 2012